At KFIC, we not only see ourselves as a valid expression of the church of Jesus Christ, but we refer to ourselves as a "Kingdom Community".  


As a Kingdom Community, we are united by the fact that we have all experienced the transforming power of God in our lives through our faith in Jesus Christ. We are also united by embracing common Kingdom value practices.  For this reason, we make a deliberate effort to have shared experiences outside of our regular times of assembly.


Our annual Fun Day is a much anticipated time when we all come out to participate in various activities and have some good fun-filled competition! Some of us try to test our skills at board games such as dominoes while others compete in running races, engage in the sport of cricket or play football (soccer). Many participate in more than one activity while others are content to simply spread a blanket and watch everyone. There is always a cheering section for every sport.  Sometimes it's just a lone voice coming from mom or dad or at other times it's an exuberant "Run, Daddy, Run!". While some may be selective about their sport or activity, there is usually no resisting the delicious food that is always present at these events.


We also welcome the opportunity to  serve our visiting guests and each other at this time.


Additionally, the life groups and the youth ministries of KFIC hold group limes throughout the year and individuals occasionally visit each other's homes, communicate via the telephone or internet and provide mutual help to each other.


All of these life-sharing activities we call "Village Life". It is a deliberate attempt on our part to practically allow the values of God's Kingdom to affect our behaviour and to interconnect our lives in a meaningful way that brings glory to Him.  

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