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Hi Everyone,

After the fantastic feedback received from our first Wills & Estate Planning seminar last year, which highlighted the valuable information that was shared, we have decided to host a 2019 edition. Therefore for those of you who attended last year and now desire a refresher or for those who missed out the last time please...

Join us for a FREE seminar on Wills & Estate Planning!

In Proverbs it tells us that "a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children" but how do we ensure that they receive it? This half day session will explore the different instruments we can use to minimise the various challenges our beneficiaries could face in accessing their inheritance thus ensuring that there is no undue burden on them in the event of our death.


So come and learn more about the significance of having a life plan.


We look forward to seeing you then.



Saturday May 4th, 2019



Kingdom First International Church, Square Foot Complex, Lower Estate, St. Michael.


For more details, contact us at 249-6297.

P.O. Box 74, Welches

St. Michael, Barbados

+1 (246) 426-1644

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